Newness happens all the time, but these past forty days have been an avalanche of the stuff for me.

A trip to the UK, Ireland, and Denmark?  Yup.

Starting a new teaching job... in high school?  Yup.

Attending my first major literary event?  Yup.

Releasing an anthology that I edited?  Yup.

Starting a half-dozen new stories?  Yup.

Am I exhausted?  Yup.

Am I happy?  Without a doubt :)

In August, Darby and I spent some vacation time in the UK, Ireland, and Denmark.  We took in the sights, ate some strange foods, drove on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road (and survived), and generally had a bang-up time.

Whilst on this trip, we met some folks who I had only known via the interweb:  Clare (NNF), a fellow Indie author (Trinity and Reapers Rhythm); Suzanne (NNF), a book blogger; and Dee (ONF), a friend for the last decade who I had never met in person.  We had a great time visiting... but it was not enough time spent with any of them before we had to part company.

While in Scotland, I spotted Nanny McPhee perched on a kerb on the Royal Mile, taking the air with her jackdaw.  Yep, that Nanny McPhee.  I just had to snap a photo or three, and then we chatted for a few minutes (SuperNNF) before I put 50 pence in her cup and walked away.

So, as much as it was a trip of meeting, it was also a trip of parting--a string of bittersweet memories that inspires me to make that trek again.  And again.

Vampires are real, as Marissa is delighted to discover, until she finds that drinking blood isn't all it's cracked up to be.  And so it goes… Madeline uncovers new mysteries and makes new friends, while Marissa makes a mess of her life and doesn't stop to wonder what's going wrong.

In the Morgensterns’ world, Marlena appears to have recovered from her madness, but Madeline is skeptical.  Wilhelm’s seeming need to  manage every crisis is increasingly tested by Marissa's antics and difficulties, a trusted friend's spectacular act of betrayal, and the return of Corelis.  And, to make matters worse, in the shadows, a darker foe is watching… and waiting.

The twins want to be normal teenagers, but strange events and people of indeterminable intent increasingly hem in their reality.  And while Madeline and Marissa wonder if they can just live normal lives, the better question is:  can they even survive the lives they're living?

[edit 7-27-13:  updated cover image and blurb]


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