Vampires are real, as Marissa is delighted to discover, until she finds that drinking blood isn't all it's cracked up to be.  And so it goes… Madeline uncovers new mysteries and makes new friends, while Marissa makes a mess of her life and doesn't stop to wonder what's going wrong.

In the Morgensterns’ world, Marlena appears to have recovered from her madness, but Madeline is skeptical.  Wilhelm’s seeming need to  manage every crisis is increasingly tested by Marissa's antics and difficulties, a trusted friend's spectacular act of betrayal, and the return of Corelis.  And, to make matters worse, in the shadows, a darker foe is watching… and waiting.

The twins want to be normal teenagers, but strange events and people of indeterminable intent increasingly hem in their reality.  And while Madeline and Marissa wonder if they can just live normal lives, the better question is:  can they even survive the lives they're living?

[edit 7-27-13:  updated cover image and blurb]



07/27/2013 10:26pm

I am anxiously awaiting the release of this one....it's been too long since I finished Blood Roses

Jason T. Graves
07/29/2013 3:56pm

Thanks, Tanya!

I appreciate your enthusiasm! I am eager to hear what you think :)


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